Well, that was a first!  

Lighthouse Stri’19 weekend.  Aiming to Empower, Enrich & Envision – Did it so what was on the bottle??? Check out with those that went.  We were taught that there are three kinds of fellowship experience;

Cell – that speaks of the small accountable experience where we can build good discipline relationships.

Congregation – that often speaks of when we gather – 50+ group

And Celebration -Which can be 100’s, 1000’s but gives us the big picture, showing us what God is doing around His world, celebrates His Kingdom come and keeps our eyes on the bigger picture.

I wonder, what is the largest group you’ve ever worshipped with?  For me, it was the RCG event at the Excel two years ago with some 52,000believers.  What an amazing experience to see them all worshiping. Their vision for this country, the world and as a Church moving forward like the Army of God, to bless, proclaim and serve.  Stir’19, although a lot smaller, wants to bless and inspire to see the bigger picture of what God wants to do in our Communities. To build faith in the God who can. To be in His presence for an extended time and give time to be with each other.

How’s your celebration going?   I know I often need to step away & see what God is doing and be re-envisioned. What about you?


Photos by Gareth Gabriel – Film and Photo